Good signs, Good times

Viviana Oliver

Good signs. Good times. Wish it were that easy, but I have found a home decorating tip that has helped me. Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Whether you’re into decor (like me), or even sticky notes, chalkboards, or whiteboards, (whatever works) just do it and invest your time (and/or money) in adding positivity to your life. You’re worth it. Really. Plus every little bit helps! 
I’m personally drawn to rustic wood signs and have way more saved on Etsy that I will ever buy, ha! My wishlist is bigger than my pocketbook. But I do enjoy shopping around online for cool pick me up and positive boost signage. I still have a wish list I hope to get to soon waiting to be bought and used on our bare hallway wall. I figure why not have positive life and love quotes somewhere I’m passing through many, many times on a daily basis?! One of my fave and most useful signs is the one in the pic which I purposefully hung next to the front door so I’d see it on my way out to facing the world, ha. My ❤️life sign (an Etsy find btw) I added to our home in hopes to remind myself to be grateful to be alive even though at the time I was going through a very deep depression that I had allowed to go on for wayyyy too long (not getting medical attention and professional help), and quite frankly I was really not feeling a love for life. Not even close. But, I really did want to remember the good things and focus on the positive. I wanted to do my best to force my mind to think differently and hopefully by doing that I would eventually believe those words wholeheartedly at some point. Kind of like fake it til you make it type thinking. Anyway, for me, I think it has helped to add this type of decor to my home and personal space so wanted to share in case it motivates a fellow depression warrior to try it out as well. And I really do believe it can help! Maybe not all the time but even if it helps you once in a while to switch your negative thoughts or perhaps even make you smile, that’s one less moment living depressed.

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